Bringing 2016 To A Frozen Close

It's been some time since I last updated the Z Pest website, and I have all of my customers to thank for that: you've all kept me so busy that there wasn't much time left for anything else!

2016 marked five years in business for me under the Z Pest banner (nine years working in this industry), and it turned out to be the strongest year for the business so far.

Going into 2017, I will be making some new offerings available, things not currently provided by other operators in this area, so please keep checking back to see what's happening!

Snow is nice to look at... in photos... when they're not mine.
As for now, despite the heavy blanket of snow that we're under, some pests are still making themselves known in people's homes around the Walla Walla valley, and as such I'm still available if you need help. You may have a few spiders living with you as refugees from the cold (they may even hitch a ride on your fresh Christmas tree!), and it's not at all uncommon for ants to suddenly show up inside your house in the dead of winter, as I wrote about here around this time last year. Lately the Z Pest phone has been ringing quite a bit more than usual with calls about mice turning up in places where they're not wanted, too. These are pretty common occurrences in this region during this part of the year, so I'm well versed in getting them sorted out.

You can get in touch with me by phone, email, or text message if you need help (for texting, please provide some identifying information so I know if you're a new or returning customer). Invoicing and receipts can be handled paperlessly if you would like, and payments are accepted by cash, check, charge, and Bitcoin, whichever one or several of those methods is most convenient for you.

Z Pest Control LLC
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