Pests in Christmas Trees: The Gift That Keeps On Crawling

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Photo credit: Iron Oak Farm
Winter is a pretty quiet time for pest control operators. There's not as much for us to do for people because when it's cold and the days are short, a lot of pests are hibernating and not bothering anyone.

Every now and then, however, people do things that wake the bugs up, and then it can seem like July in January.

Did you decorate your home for Christmas with a real tree this holiday season?

I was out and about doing a little pest control work the other day and caught this bit of news on the radio:
International Business Times: Christmas Trees 'Harbour Thousands of Bugs'
"Christmas trees could be hiding up to 25,000 bugs and insects, new research reveals.
According to a scientific study by researchers at the University Museum of Bergen in Norway, thousands of lice, mites, moths and spiders lurk in Christmas trees, where they hibernate in the winter.
When trees are brought indoors from the cold, the bugs believe that spring has arrived and awaken to take their place among the tinsel and other Christmas decorations."
If you're seeing some uninvited holiday party guests that are overstaying their welcome around your house, and if you brought a real tree into your home, the two things could be related.

There's a simple solution for that: just give me a call. Some basic interior crack, crevice, and spot treatments with people and pet-safe specialty insecticides will mop up your lingering Yuletide invaders in short order, and for a price that won't bust a strained post-holiday budget. For most homes in the Walla Walla valley area, the price averages $40 plus the applicable sales tax.


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