Fall Spider Barrier Treatments

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It's that time of the year again! Every fall as temperatures begin to decline and the days grow shorter, the guest list at your house starts growing. The problem is, all of your new acquaintances have eight legs...

For various reasons, a variety of spiders begin turning up in homes and offices in increasing numbers. For the most part, it's the same reason that you go inside: to stay out of the cold.

With very few exceptions, the spiders that tend to turn up in our homes around here are not harmful. Physically speaking, that is. How they affect your enjoyment of your home is another matter. 

I can help! With some simple and thorough spraying around the perimeter of your home or office, most spiders can be prevented from entering the structure and snuggling with you all winter. These applications also affect insects that enter the treated area - a nice bonus.

The products I've selected for this type of application have been chosen because of their longevity, which will allow them to continue working around your home well past first frost, after which nothing much will be crawling around outside. I also mix in an additive product that helps the mix stick to the surfaces it lands on, further enhancing the effect of the treatment. 

Interior work can be combined with an exterior treatment if you want more comprehensive spider control, or if you already have quite a few of them running around inside.

In the Walla Walla area, these treatments run $40 for either an inside or an outside treatment, or $60 for both if performed during the same visit. For places outside of this area, there's only a slight increase in the cost to cover fuel ($5 more in the Milton Freewater area, for example). In most cases these jobs take no longer than 30 minutes (and if it's outside only, you may not even need to be there when I do the work), so it won't take much time out of your day, but it will save you from many days spent with your new spider buddies.

If you're not interested in sharing your home with dozens of arachnid friends this fall and winter, give me a call! You won't regret it... but the spiders will.


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