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On the scene, preparing to take out everything but the grasses!

Is your yard a patch of weeds with a little grass thrown in?

Does your driveway at times resemble a tropical rainforest?

Z Pest Control can help you to recover your property from the weeds that plague it. Whether it's dandelions running rampant across your lawn, or various bits of green popping up in graveled areas (or anywhere else you want nothing growing, for that matter), solutions exist.

All of the weed control work Z Pest Control has to offer primarily takes into account timing, or the point in the year when target weeds will be most vulnerable. This helps to achieve maximum effect with the minimum effective dose of chemical, which saves you money. Where appropriate, the approach to weed control taken by Z Pest Control also seeks to prevent weed germination in the first place by directly attacking weed seeds. The result is more of what you want growing in your yard, and less of what you don't.

These services can be purchased as single item, one-time events, or if you would like your property continuously monitored and kept up, a package can be put together for you, too. Please give me a call at 509-540-7946 for a free quote, or contact me by email at paul@zpestcontrol.com.