Spider Time!

It's that time of the year again in the Walla Walla valley, when all of the eight-legged friends you never knew you had start inviting themselves into your home!

Fall is fast approaching, and based on the number of spiders I've personally witnessed my two cats chase down and turn into snacks inside of my house, it appears that the spiders around here are well aware of it. 

Through any crack, crevice, and gap they can find, several species of spiders will begin exploring the indoors of homes and businesses around here in their search for mates and for shelter against the cooler days to come. Hardly any of them can seriously harm you, but that doesn't mean you have to like or tolerate them!

With some simple exterior spraying around your home or office, and maybe a few other optional, helpful applications (if you want added protection), you can skip the impromptu arachnid housewarming party this season.

Depending on the options you select, a round of treatment for spiders will generally cost between $40-$80. 

As always, Z Pest Control provides these services with no long-term commitments! 

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