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For a second time Z Pest Control LLC has been featured in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. This time around I was contacted by Alfred Diaz, the author of this piece, who had questions about the seeming uptick in gopher, mole, and vole issues in the Walla Walla valley.

I told him that it did indeed appear that activity had increased, but that over the winter I had acquired a new tool to apply to the problem: the Gopher X.

The Z Pest Gopher X machine in operation
The Gopher X in operation. Photo credit: Alfred Diaz, WW Union Bulletin

The way the machine works is pretty straightforward: after locating the burrow, a hose that vents the exhaust produced by the engine is inserted into the ground, and some smoke oil is added just before firing it up, the smoke serving as an indicator of where the carbon monoxide gas is escaping from the burrow so that it can be sealed. A few minutes later, it's done!

As I told Mr. Diaz during our meeting, this machine works well on gophers and voles, but not very well on moles. The short version of the reason for that is that moles have special adaptations for living in low oxygen environments, so pumping carbon monoxide into their massive tunnel complexes won't often affect them.

The reason that I acquired this device is that in that state of Washington, dealing with burrowing pests can be rather difficult thanks to a state ban on body-gripping traps (they are legal to buy, sell, and possess, which is why they're in local hardware stores; they're just not legal to use), and because of a decision by the EPA in 2010 to ban the use of aluminum phosphide in residential settings following an incident of gross misuse of the product, which took away one of the best and most effective tools we had for dealing with these pests.

Engine exhaust avoids both of these legal obstacles, as well as enabling me to provide a burrowing pest control option that does not leave behind poison bait in the ground that could be dug up by a pet or a child later.

If this sounds like something you would like to have done on your property, please text or email! Things are extremely busy at this time of the year and it can sometimes delay my response time by a few days, but as soon as I'm able to I'll get in touch to see what I can do for you!

Link to the full Union Bulletin article:  Walla Walla firm's gopher-eradication setup breaks new ground in pest control

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