Boxelder Bugs: They're Back!

As our daytime temperatures in the Walla Walla valley have steadily risen recently, so, too, has the presence of these little guys and gals:

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Boxelder bugs!

I took this photo the other day outside of a client's place of business. Though largely harmless (boxelder bugs don't bite, sting, or cause significant damage to plants), these insects are exhibiting the part of their behavior that makes them a nuisance: boxelder bugs are dedicated sun bathers! This pic shows what looks like a lot of boxelder bugs, but the truth is that this is only the beginning. As anyone who has experience with this pest can tell you, if they decide that your home is a nice place to soak up some rays, they'll be there to do it by the hundreds or even thousands. They'll be on your stuff, in your way, and flying at your face. 

Here's another photo from a different client's home that shows how bad even a "moderate" number of boxelder bugs can be:

boxelder bugs, pest control, walla walla

Ordinary insecticides can knock a boxelder bug infestation back some, but unless the product is persistent and applied correctly, it won't do a lot of good. The Z Pest boxelder bug mix takes into account not only the boxleder bug's daily movement habits, but it also attacks their reproductive strategy, making it harder for them to repopulate a treated area. The result is highly effective, longer term control than what is typically possible using common off-the-shelf products.

This treatment will also affect other common outdoor pests, such as ants, spiders, and wasps, so you get more for your money. If you're seeing boxelder bugs around your home now, chances are the population is only going to get larger (worse) as summer gets closer. This is a great time to nip the problem in the bud! You'll find that my prices are very hard to beat, so please give me a call!


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