Treat Overwintering Pests Now, Have Fewer in the Spring

These are European Paper Wasps, overwintering inside of a storage container belonging to one of my clients. 

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These wasps were cold and largely unresponsive to my presence, but they were very much alive. They were clustered together on the side of this box that faces east, the eastern and southern sides of structures being the locations that will receive the most sunlight, be warmest, and therefore harbor the most overwintering pests. Had I not hit the wasps with an insecticide, they would have been the seeds of many new nests (and thereby many more wasps) in the spring.

I took this picture to show that even though it is winter and many pests are not immediately noticeable, they are indeed still present. At this time of the year, pests like these wasps are particularly vulnerable, so addressing them now goes a long way toward significantly reducing their numbers come spring and summer. If you have a "buggy" home in the warm months, I can help you reduce that with focused exterior crack and crevice treatments with long-term residual insecticides now.


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