Wasp Season!

Finally warm weather is here in the Walla Walla valley! It's time to get outside and enjoy it.

Unfortunately, we humans won't be the only ones doing so.

Calls are coming in daily now for control of paper wasps, the flying-stinging variety of nastiness that seeks out the eaves of our homes, decks and railings, the gaps between panels of parked vehicles, even our mailboxes:

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If you have these around your house and yard, you're not alone. Many Z Pest customers, both old and new, are seeking and receiving assistance with these critters currently. This is a great time of the year to do it, too, as attacking the wasps now prevents them from establishing quite so many nests, breeding, and multiplying. Done correctly and with residual insecticide treatments, one treatment can kill off established wasp nests and continue to kill newly-arrived wasps for potentially four to six weeks after.

If you're new to Z Pest and you would like help with these or other creatures, here's a little something to say welcome and to sweeten the deal for you:

Simply click on the coupon, print it out, give Z Pest a call, save some money, and save yourself from some stings!

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