Honey Bee Swarming Season - Extra Innings This Year?


The first swarm collected this year, and presently
my strongest hive!
Here it is, late June, and I'm putting up a post about honey bee swarms. 

Ordinarily, at the end of May I would have taken my bee collection equipment off of the Z Pest rigs. Instead, this year, four swarms have been collected from nine sightings called in to Z Pest, all but one this month. 

Nature's theme this spring (now barely the start of summer) seems to be, "better late than never". I'm seeing delayed starts to a number of natural cycles, not just this one. It's just been colder and wetter this spring here in the Walla Walla valley, overall. 

As such, I'm keeping my honey bee swarm collection equipment on-hand at all times for now, so if a swarm should happen to land around your home or office, I will be ready to respond as quickly as I can. 

If you are attempting to get in touch with Z Pest for this reason, I encourage you to send a text rather than trying to call and leave a voicemail. If you can't send a text, a voicemail is fine and you should go ahead and do that, but in general texts get to me faster. When it comes to collecting honey bee swarms, time is of the essence. 

As always, the bees are given a new home free of charge

Call or text now!

Paul: (509) 540-7946

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