That Makes Ten!

 On this day, one decade ago, Z Pest Control LLC was formed by me, Paul E. Zimmerman, the sole owner and operator of the business ever since. 

What a ride it has been...

Seven out of ten small businesses in the U.S. are typically gone by this point, so for Z Pest to still be around and going as strong as ever, that means there's something good going on here. This must be the case, because here on the 10th anniversary of the business, there are monthly and quarterly clients on the Z Pest roster who have been there from the very beginning. Clients don't stick around for a decade if they're not getting results. 

A special thanks is in order to those Z Pest long timers, as they've not only been a foundation upon which the business has been built, but often are the ones who have helped it to grow through word-of-mouth referrals. 

Also thanks to these folks and those that have followed, the Z Pest roster is quite tight these days! A persistent challenge the business has faced over this past decade is expansion, which for lack of the right people looking for an opportunity at the right time has proven insurmountable thus far. When it comes down to it, pest control is a so-called "dirty job" and frequently visits numerous discomforts throughout the working day upon those of us who provide these services. It's hard to blame people for taking a look at what this entails and then pursuing other careers! Pest control is about as recession proof as an industry can get, however, which I experienced during the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and then recently during the virus-induced turbulence of 2020. During both periods, things just chugged right along regardless; as we say in this industry: "pests don't do recessions". For competent, talented, honest and motivated people, in this industry work will always be there. If you're looking for opportunity and you're not afraid of a little dirt and sweat (and spiders...), maybe you're the person that could join this now decade-old brand and help Z Pest expand.

For all of you just looking to get some of these time-tested and proven services, again thanks to the Z Pest clients who have opted for regularly scheduled, repeat services, and the above, it's actually fairly difficult to get scheduled these days. The reason for this is that those seeking one-off services have to wait until monthly and quarterly clients have been serviced first, and all of us have to contend with nature and the fact that there are only so many hours in a day. Those with reserved spots on the Z Pest calendar get serviced first, period, and they keep their places in line when weather or other events push everyones' appointments back. This isn't to say that it's impossible for those needing just one or two things done one time to get in the door, but it is increasingly difficult as the years go by and both old and new customers remain loyal to Z Pest. All that said, for potential new clients reading this, your best bet is to join the folks who opted for regularly scheduled services, which is handled without burdensome, expensive contracts.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, and again, thanks to all who have supported Z Pest on the path to this milestone! Onward into year eleven!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We appreciate the good service!

Anonymous said...

Good job Paul, honesty and integrity are most important for a small business to succeed. You possess those two qualities and more. Keep at it.