Here they come!

With the ice and snow seemingly behind us, it's getting closer to the time of the year where various creatures spring back into action! Already there are ants on the march, spiders on patrol, and soon various flying insect pests will make themselves known. This is also the point in the year where the retreating snow sometimes reveals that gophers, moles, and voles have been hard at work destroying your lawn under all of that white stuff.

That's all OK though, because this is also the time of the year that I start stirring again, too. I've been active all winter long (mainly ant and rodent stuff), but as the days slowly grow longer and the temperature outside gradually climbs back up toward nice, I start unpacking all of my gear to get it ready for the busy season.

If you're here after hearing about me for the first time on KTEL 1490, welcome! If you need my help with a pest issue, just let me know if you heard the radio ad and I'll knock 10% off of your first pest control service (cannot be combined with other offers).

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