Introducing Brad, Z Pest's New Pest Control Technician

 It has finally happened: Z Pest now has more than one set of hands! 

A few weeks ago while servicing an account, a gentleman who goes by the name of Brad, a licensed pest control operator who recently relocated to the Walla Walla valley area, got on to the radar of Paul, the owner of Z Pest Control, via a chance encounter with a relative of Brad's.  

If it were not for that person taking their dog for a walk at the same time that Paul was fending off mice at the location, probably none of this would have happened (Paul says that he believes a little less in coincidence every day lately).

As always, Paul remains extremely busy, but now that Brad has joined the company, Z Pest services will be easier for newcomers to obtain. Brad is available for most of your insect and rodent control needs in Washington state. If you need services in Oregon, burrowing pest control, or weed control, call Paul. You can reach either Paul or Brad (Brad will likely respond faster at this point in time) at:

Brad: (509) 520-1688


 Paul: 509-540-7946


As always, pre-scheduled service plans are available without burdensome contracts; Z Pest offers a "reserved calendar spot" that's yours until you decide you no longer want it. Those have been difficult to obtain as of late while Paul was frantically operating as a one-man show, but now there are two Z Pest calendars, so there are a lot of new, unclaimed spots! If you've been waiting to get on the list and beat the lines, this is the time! 

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